Parish Precept

The Parish Precept is an element of the Council Tax collected by Swindon Borough which is then passed to the Parish Council to provide services within the Parish. The amount collected for a Band D house for 2019 – 20 has been set at £83.67 per annum for a Band D property.  This is an increase of £21.08 on the 2018/19 rate. This amount is paid monthly via Swindon Borough council tax collections and it not a separate payment.

At £83.67 a Band D property is paying just 23p a day, for all the services provided. Or put another way a Band D property gets 2.4 days of service for the cost of a 2nd Class Stamp (56p).

A number of external factors were responsible for some of the increase; the loss of Swindon Borough Council transitional funding for grounds maintenance, a reduction of the Council Tax Support Grant and the upcoming elections in May accounted for approximately £8 of the increase.

The remaining £13 was due the Parish Council’s continued commitment to invest in their parks and open spaces, with projects in the pipeline to upgrade a local MUGA (multi use games arena) and a skate park, as well as the continued development of land at Tadpole Lane to provide an accessible community space, for use by local residents. The Council is also continuing to invest in its staff, to improve the quality of the services it delivers.

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