Council Policies

Haydon Wick Parish Council has a long term vision for its community where the Council, the Borough Council, community groups and individuals work closely together in pursuit of the following outcomes:

  • (a) A thriving and integrated community with a strong level of engagement
  • (b) A vibrant, healthy and safe community
  • (c) The best possible quality of life and least possible damage to the environment
  • (d) Consistent improvement in value for money and delivery of those services we provide with perpetually negotiated improvements in cost and quality of those services not controlled locally

In order to push forward these objectives the Council will undertake a series of actions aimed to meet the detailed priorities agreed each year at the Annual Parish Meeting.

In pursuit of outcome (a)

  • In May 2015 the Parish of Haydon Wick was extended to include Woodhall, Pembroke Park and west Moredon. Work is in hand to ensure that all parts of the Parish receive services of a similar standard. We will push forward community engagement by encouraging residents to become involved in Council activities and ensuring we provide convenient and easily understood communication channels which will include an enhanced periodic magazine, a modern website with local voting technology, and the use of social media.
  • We will encourage contact with residents both by holding “meet the people events” and by the simple approach of one to one contact on the doorstep, maintain a modern, clean network of notice boards, and encourage public to attend and comment at Council meetings.

In pursuit of outcome (b)

  • We will support cycling and leisure walking by rolling out a comprehensive programme of footpath signage, map and publicise possible walks and cycle options with the objective of extending connectivity and integration across the Parish.
  • We will monitor local highways and focus attention on key areas of concern including, signage on Thamesdown Drive, traffic congestion on Thames Avenue, safety measures in Oakhurst Way and other matters brought to the Council’s attention from time to time.
  • We will spend due time enacting a Health and Safety policy for our own employees and looking outward to create appropriate Health and Safety disciplines throughout the community taking swift and decisive action where risk assessments indicate any dangers to residents.

In pursuit of outcome (c)

  • We will pursue the concept of ‘one planet’ and do our utmost to minimise our energy use, encourage ‘green’ energy, sponsor and maximise shrub and tree planting, maximise walking and cycling and minimise car usage.
  • We will work with stakeholders to enhance and improve Mouldon Hill Country Park as a local resource, creating and improving play spaces, footpaths, tree planting, arguing for and up-dating safe river and rail crossings and generally encouraging and supporting the concept and development of the Cricklade Way Country Corridor.
  • We will continue to lobby for an appropriate strategic highway which will recognise both the existing issues and include effective measures for the future while improving the quality of life and safety for the community.

In pursuit of outcome (d)

  • We will refine and streamline ‘back office’ functions and encourage volunteering, still providing best practice and best value to residents. We will develop good working relationships with neighbouring Councils, with a view to sharing information and services, liaising on matters of mutual concern involving both attending and hosting cluster meetings.
  • We will work closely with the Borough Council regarding the possible transfer of assets and services where such moves are judged to be desirable and cost effective, which may include amongst others, grass cutting, litter removal and cleaning, play areas, parks management, and other services as discussed from time to time.

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