Posted on 29th September, 2020 in News

During Full Council on Tuesday 22 September, Members resolved to accept the recommendation of the IT/Website Working Party and to award the contract to Clearwater Traditional Marketing Limited. Members also agreed to give delegated authority to the Working Party to develop the new branding templates and concepts. Members received a report from the IT/Website Working Party (Councillors Callen, Manro, Ross, Community Development Officer and Clerk) that detailed the extensive scoring exercise the working party undertook for each of the six ITT (invitation to tender) responses. The working party explained the proposed company had demonstrated the following:

– strong skills and understanding of the template approach

– provided excellent case studies and references

– an open and honest approach to using WordPress and add-ons

– delivery approach is transparent

– the timescales were well explained

– they had addressed Council’s specific needs in section 12 of the Invitation to Tender to include infographics and rebranding requirements

– the cost was within the allocated budget with added value from ongoing support and recommending PayPal as a secure payment portal.

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