Update on Grass Cutting/Hedge Cutting

Posted on 12th September, 2018 in News

The grass cutting in-house team have started their 7th cut of the season, in Abbey Meads.

You may have noticed our contractors are busy cutting the hedges around the parish – from start to finish this should take about a month.  We appreciate that it’s going to look a bit messy whilst they’re in the process of cutting an area but we’ve been assured that they do the initial cut with the flail (no we didn’t know what it was either! – see picture).  After they’ve been around with flail, there’s some work that has to be done by hand to tidy up the edges, and finally someone comes out to inspect and clear up the cuttings.  We’re told this takes a few days so if you see an area still looking a mess after a week please let us know and we’ll speak to them!  30.08.18: Abbey Meads will be completed within the next day or two and then they will move on to Haydon End.

If you have any areas that are a cause for concern please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Council – in the first instance via email: office@haydonwick.gov.uk

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