Update on Grass Cutting/Hedge Cutting

Posted on 2nd January, 2019 in News

The grass cutting in-house team shall be begin their final cut of the season, in March, weather permitting.  The larger areas are cut by our outside Contractors and the teams will be working simultaneously.

The Council has made a commitment to continue to use hedging contractors in 2019 who will conduct light hand cuts during the bird nesting season in the mid-summer months of June and July.  During this period, their main aim is to tackle outgrowth and footpath encroachment.  There will be a ‘hard cut’ in the early-winter months (September/October) conducted by a team of operatives using a mixture of hand cuts and a tractor & flail. They will work together so as not to leave any part-cut hedges.  Our Contractors have committed to improving the state of the hedges in 2019 and as such all works will be subject to rigorous checks by the Parish Council to ensure consistent, high quality workmanship throughout the whole of the Parish.

Our own Parks & Open Spaces Team (POST) will be maintaining the hedges prior to the contract starting in June so please email tidyup@haydonwick.gov.uk or call 01793 724263 to report any areas of hedging that require urgent attention. 

If you have any areas that are a cause for concern please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Council – in the first instance via email: tidyup@haydonwick.gov.uk

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