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Please click on the  Councillor Representation Map to see the spread of Councillors across the Parish.

Cllr Clare Armagan

Clare Armagan


 Cllr Ellen Baker-Lee

Ellen Baker-Lee

Cllr Paul Booth

Paul Booth

Cllr Damon Bower

Damon Bower

Chair Planning & Highways

Cllr Linda Brown

Linda Brown

Cllr Sue Cullen

Sue Callen

Cllr Phil Eagle

Phil Eagle

Cllr John Fuller

John Fuller

Cllr Richard Hailstone

Richard Hailstone
Chair Amenities & Leisure

Cllr Ed Gerrard

Ed Gerrard

Cllr Philip Martin

Philip Martin

Cllr Sarah McDermott

Sarah McDermott
Vice- Chair

Cllr Di Rodgers

Di Rodgers

Cllr Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor


Cllr Dave Smith

Dave Smith

Roy Worman

Cllr Mike Whelan

Mike Whelan



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