Children’s Play Parks

parksThe Council manages and maintains most of the play areas in the Parish. Due to the condition of some of the older areas a review is currently being undertaken of all the play facilities. Some areas will require a major refurbishment to improve safety and to update equipment while others are in almost pristine condition. It is intended to implement a five year plan to bring all to the same standard.

Brookfield Play Park - Lyme Way, Abbey Meads
Bowling Green Play Park - Thames Avenue, Greenmeadow
Capesthorne Play Park - Osterley Road, Haydon End
Clary Road Playing Field - Clary Road, Haydonleigh
Doyle Play Park - Doyle Close, Taw Hill
Francombe Play Area - Elsham Way, Abbey Meads
Galloway Play Park - Galloway Road, Taw Hill
Gaynor Close Play Park – Gaynor Close
Goodearl Play Park - Chatsworth Road, Abbey Meads
Havisham Play Park - Havisham Drive, Haydon End
Haydonleigh Park – adjacent to Haydonleigh School. Thames Avenue
Heaton Close Play Area – Abbey Meads
Kelly Gardens Play Park - Kelly Gardens, Abbey Meads
King George V Field - High Street, Haydon Wick
Lillian Close Play Area – Taw Hill
Little Copse Play Park - Elsham Way, Abbey Meads (currently closed on safety grounds)
Luna Play Park – Luna Close, Oakhurst
Mazurek Way Play Area - Mazurek Way, Haydon End
Osterley Road Play Area - Osterley Road, Abbey Meads, Haydon Wick
Orchid White Eagle Play Park - Torun Way, Haydon End
Primrose Close Paly Park – Primrose Close, Haydon End
Queen Elizabeth Drive – Taw Hill
Stonecrop Open Space - Stonecrop Road, Haydonleigh
Taw Hill Village Play Park - Queen Elizabeth Drive, Taw Hill
Trent Road Field - Trent Road, Greenmeadow
Village Green Play Park - Exbury Close, Abbey Meads
Voyager Drive Play Area - Voyager Drive, Oakhurst
White Eagle Road Play Area – Haydon End
Wick Farm Orchard Play Park - Upton Close, Abbey Meads
Withy Gardens Play Park - Tracy Close, Abbey Meads


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