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Bus Shelters & Seating

Council sites and maintains several bus shelters throughout the Parish and provides and maintains certain public seating. Council is prepared to give consideration to the siting of a limited amount of 'memorial seating' and if this is of relevance...
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Children's Play Parks

Find out about the various children's play parks in the area.
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Community Bus

The Community Bus is driven by volunteer drivers and provides door to door transport for elderly and disabled residents of the Parish.

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Community Glue

Communities require strategic leadership to work together to address a locality's problems and challenges in a coordinated way. Over the past few years a growing number of local authorities have used these partnership tools to seize an agenda that has...
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Dog Bins & Litter Bins

The Council is responsible for all litter and dog waste bins which are spaced throughout the Parish. Requests for new bins or the relocation of bins are considered against set criteria. If you feel an area needs additional bins, or a bin has been damaged...
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Haydon Wick "living"

Please find here the latest editions of our magazine, Haydon Wick 'Living'.  
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Highways & Footpaths

Highways The network of roads and highways in the Parish are the responsibility of the Borough Council, but the Council acts act as a conduit, ensuring problems are passed on to the right people. Residents who discover a problem...
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Leisure Gardens

The Council provides leisure gardens (allotments) for the enjoyment of residents, with two large sites close to the Council Offices on the old Blunsdon Road. As part of the extension to the Parish in May 2015 the Council has taken on the management, from...
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Open Spaces

Parkland Haydon Wick Council approach is to protect the small amount of open space left in the Parish, from further development. In line with this the Council has purchased the last remaining large area of open land in the Parish at...
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Haydon Wick Council is a statutory consultee of the local Planning Authority, Swindon Borough Council. This means that the Borough Council notifies this Council of local planning applications, and it has 21 days to respond with either objections or...
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