Our Community

A History Lesson

For this section of the website, we have relied in part on research and memories from three local residents, Mrs Murgatroid, Mrs Varney and Mr Titcombe... for which we thank them. First mention of the Parish we can find is in the Inquisition (a method...
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About The Parish

The Parish of Haydon Wick is a great place to live and a great place to bring up your family. Now mostly an urban Parish, we are in fact the same size or larger than many small towns. We lie to the north and north west of Swindon and have an estimated...
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Cycling Locally

See a map of local cycling routes.
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Do You Live In The Parish?

See a list of Street Names within the Haydon Wick area.
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The aim of Neighbourhood Policing is to have a dedicated policing team in our local community. They are here to work with you to tackle local concerns raised by you.
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Quick Contact Finder

This is a quick reference to a range of services you may need to call locally. You will find links to many of their web sites on the Useful Links page. If you notice any errors or...
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Seven Fields Conservation Group

Seven Fields Conservation Group is a local community, voluntary group committed to the conservation of the Seven Fields Nature Reserve, North Swindon. Seven Fields is rich in widlife and has some of the best wildflower meadows in Wiltshire, with ancient...
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A History of Britain to show where we are in  the scheme of things:- 10,000BC  the last Ice Age - Ice Ages wiped everything clean.  The valley which forms the Seven Fields would have been cut by the Ice Age retreat and then by the Ha...
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Map of Seven Fields

Seven Fields Conservation Group has taken the liberty of naming fields and possible work sites for our own reference, however we feel...
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Penhill Copse

The inaugural meeting of the Seven Fields Group was held to adopt Penhill Copse as Community Woodland - we went further and 'adopted' the lot! Penhill Copse is to be found on maps dating back to 1796, and has signs of antique coppicing,...
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Seven Fields (Description of each field)

Spring Field and Long Meadow These two are the best wildflower meadows at Seven Fields, over 200 species of flowers, grasses, etc., grow throughout the year.  The meadows are cut for  hay once a year, in late summer and the hay is t...
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Useful Links

A selection of links you may find useful (doctors, schools etc).
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Walking Locally

There is an extensive network of footpaths which cross the Parish. Before the developers could complete signage to these paths, funding sadly ran out. Haydon Wick Council is in the process of designing and mapping a series of local health walks...
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What's On In Haydon Wick

Following is a listing of regular events which run in the Parish. If your event is not here and you would like it mentioned, please do get in touch. If there are any errors you notice then please also let us know, thank you. You may also download...
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