Posted on 23rd May, 2017 in News

The Parish Council recently sent out consultation letters after receiving various requests submitted by local residents. The letters were been dispatched to residents who live in adjoining streets to the location of the requests and responses were received. The results of each consultation are outlined below.

The removal or relocation of Little Copse Play Area (Between Wayne Close and Greenwich Close)

The Amenities & Leisure Committee considered all the points made on both options. The balance of the comments on the options was fairly even and the decision to improve the play area (option 2) was reached after consideration of the proximity of alternative play areas and the use of the adjoining grass area by children playing ball games. The installation of a new play area sufficiently away from further root incursion would have reduced the area available for ball games by too large a margin to allow games to continue.


Planting an Oak Tree on land adjacent to 46 Churchfield

The Amenities & Leisure Committee considered all the points made in the responses received and noted the majority view of a tree being planted on the grass verge to the left of Churchfield, at the junction of the High Street. However, a number of respondents raised concerns about the tree being an oak. The Councillors agreed to a tree being planted but have asked the donor of the tree to consider the purchase of a flowering cherry tree. Subject to this being acceptable, approval has been given for this type of tree to be planted in this location.


Placing a storage container on Trent Road field for the Haydon Wick Football Club

The Amenities & Leisure Committee considered all the points made in the consultation which in the main were in favour of allowing Haydon Wick Football Club to install a small container on the field. The Councillors have agreed for this container to be installed to the rear of the Shield & Dagger behind the garage block. This is, of course, subject to planning permission being obtained from Swindon Borough Council. You will be able to make comments on the planning application when it is submitted by the Haydon Wick Football Club.


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