Update on Grass Cutting

Posted on 15th December, 2017 in Hidden, News

As residents will be aware the standard of grass cutting this year has been poor and many attempts were made with the contractor to improve their performance. While the Council also levied financial penalties each month this did not improve the standard of grass cutting. Having followed all the contract requirements in regard to poor performance the Councillors have issued the required legal termination notice to the contractor.

The decision has been taken not to seek a new contractor but to bring the service in-house. This will result in a team which will be responsive/reactive, able to deal with 'hotspots' quickly and carry out additional cuts without extra contract costs.  Outside of the main grass cutting work the team will also be used for other landscape works including potential assistance in community landscaping.

One of the main objectives is to get our Parish back to the high standard we all enjoyed last year.


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