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As I sit down to write this report, I’m thinking back to May and looking forward to next April.  Since May P&F have had just 3 meetings, unlike Amenities and Leisure which meet monthly, P&F alternates with the Communications Committee and meets bi-monthly.

These bi-monthly meeting don’t reflect the amount of work we have, just the nature of it. The last few months have been spent reviewing the “Terms of Reference” for the various committees, these ToR’s provided guidelines on what each committee is responsible for what, it is up to P&F to ensure that they all complement each other and there are no overlays of responsibility and just as importantly no gaps in responsibility.

We have also been reviewing our three year plan, to see where we have got to and what we have left outstanding, and using that information to start formulating the budget for the financial year 2016-17, which will be reflected in the precept element of the Council  Tax bill which will be issued in April 2016.

Another activity undertaken in the past months is to put out to tender the contract to provide email and web services to the council. Our current provider had been in place for a number of years, and as good practice it was felt that the contract should be put out to tender again to ensure best value for money for the residents. We also took the opportunity to reassess our email and web needs.

The new contract stipulated that the staff be able to update the web pages – something the previous contract didn’t allow – by enabling the staff to update certain web content, the meeting dates, agendas and minutes we can move towards updating information quicker.

We are also taking the opportunity to improve the email service provided, to the outside world there will be some additional email address to ensure your email goes to the right place.

For example by the Spring Edition of this magazine we plan to have separate email addresses for the Editor and another for Advertisers, so instead of ending up in the overflowing Clerk’s email inbox these emails will be directed to the most appropriate councillor.

Cllr D Rodgers
Policy & Finance


Policy & Finance Committee Membership 2016/2017

C Armagan
S Callen
P Eagle
J Fuller
 R Hailstone
 P Martin (VC)
 S McDermott (C)
D Smith
M Whelan

Ex-Gratia members

L Brown
 D Bower


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  1. Policy & Finance Meeting

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