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As I write, the carriageway resurfacing in Westfield Way is underway. In addition, it is understood that the removal of the chicanes adjacent to Morrisons will be undertaken in conjunction with the resurfacing of that stretch of Thames Avenue.

Hopefully, by the time the magazine is distributed all the works will be complete.

We are still pushing for the promised improvements regarding the road markings and signage on Thamesdown Drive at the approach to the A419 at Turnpike junction. Our suggestions for improvements are with the borough highways department but there seems to be little action so far.  Drivers are still confused by the signage and it is not unusual to still see cars, vans and articulated lorries making last minute lane changes as they realise that to go north towards Cirencester and the M5 they need to be in the outside lane not the inside lane.

With the takeover of the new areas in Moredon, the Parish Council is examining the possibility of reinstating the allotments at Ventnor Close. No doubt, in due course the report from the Amenities and Leisure Committee will expand on our plans.

The number of planning applications reviewed by the Parish Council has declined with the completion of significant areas of development to the north of the parish.

As readers are probably aware the development at Tadpole Farm is in progress.  Although it lies just outside the parish boundary, it is likely to have an impact within the parish with regard to increased traffic flow on the roads into Oakhurst and further afield such as Purton Road and Akers Way.  Bearing in mind that the other access roads are up the narrow lane towards Blunsdon St Andrew in the east, or across the equally narrow bridge over the Swindon and Cricklade Railway to the west, there is likely to be increasing peak time congestion as more houses are occupied. The Parish Council has repeatedly raised with the borough council the issue of the likely traffic congestion and is very supportive of the campaign to complete the extension of Thamesdown Drive towards the town centre. Completion of this link, first planned in the 1990’s, when the northern development was started, would go some way to alleviating the traffic problems.

John Fuller

Chair HWPC Planning Committee

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