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The Council is concerned with the overall economic, cultural and physical well-being of the community it serves. Where it delivers services directly it aims to ensure that these are provided to a high standard and are cost effective. To achieve this effective and efficiently the Council has four Standing Committees namely Planning & Highways, Policy & Finance, Communications and Amenities & Leisure. To encourage involvement in local government a Youth Council is in place with the aim of creating interest amongst young people in how a community operates.


Chairman's Report

  • The elections in May put nearly 50% new councillors around the table. I say nearly 50% as one was an old hand returning to the fray. 40% of us, seven out of 18, are women. The Borough Council has 30% women.
  • The Parish Council has purchased a plot of land, about 6 acres, on Tadpole Lane near the Blunsdon Railway. Discussions are underway on how best to use it. It’s been purchased to keep it from development so initial thoughts on its use include a community orchard, more allotments, however suggestions welcome.
  • The parish grew in May to include Woodhall Park and a bit of Moredon. This was as a result of four year’s discussions with SBC and the Local Government Boundary Commission for England
  • Under the Localism Act, the Parish Council has taken on some of the Borough’s responsibilities. As a result we’ve now got our own amenities team and, although contracted out, we are now grass mowing in a trial area around Taw Hill. At time of writing, our thoughts are on whether we stop, remain where we are or extend the service across more of the parish.
  • After 20 years of negotiations, 26 play areas were finally transferred to parish responsibility. Some are in such poor state of repair that they may have to close but only if there is another play area nearby.
  • We now manage the allotments at Ventnor Close, off The Street. Hopefully, under our control we will be able to take steps to reduce our waiting list.


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