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Earlier in the year, a decision was taken to employ; on a temporary contract; a third amenities operative. Six months on; having reviewed the situation, this temporary position is being turned in to permanent one. This decision means we will be able to continue providing 7 days a week amenities service.

At time of writing, the post had just been advertised and hopefully by the time this magazine drops through your letter box the post will have been filled; we hope to introduce our new operative to you in the Spring edition of the magazine.

As the committee responsible for play areas, we have taken the difficult decision to close two. Unfortunately; Little Copse will have to be closed permanently because of its situation.  It is always in the shade making the surface very slippery also tree roots have caused the surface to subside.

We are currently debating the best way to replace the facilities lost by the closure of Little Copse, we will announce our solution as soon as we can.

We have also commenced fencing in the land purchased at Tadpole Lane, though a final decision on how we are going to use the land has not yet been made, uses under consideration are leisure gardens and community orchards. Again we will announce our plans as soon as we can.

The committee have also been informed by the Clerk, that a plant; initially identified as Japanese Knotweed had been discovered near Goodearl Leisure Gardens. The plant was isolated and additional advice sought. An outside expert confirmed that it was not, as first thought, Japanese Knotweed. Japanese Knotweed is a very aggressive and invasive non-native weed and if discovered needs to be carefully eradicated, using recommended practices.

With an eye on keeping our Parish clean of waste, we have arranged with McDonalds to sponsor a couple of our waste bins as well as our vehicles, so keep a lookout for the yellow arches on our bins and vans.

With regards to graffiti, we have purchased a “steam cleaner” to aid the removal of graffiti.

Cllr Richard Hailstone (Chair)


Amenities & Leisure Committee Membership 16/17

A Adams
E Baker-Lee
 P Booth
P Eagle
E Gerrard
R Hailstone (C)
D Smith
J Stooke
M Whelan

Ex-Gratia Members

L Brown
D Bower


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