Haydon Wick Parish Council

Full Council

The Council is concerned with the overall economic, cultural and physical well-being of the community it serves. Where it delivers services directly it aims to ensure that these are provided to a high standard and are cost effective. To achieve this effective and efficiently the Council has four Standing Committees namely Planning & Highways, Policy […]

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Planning & Highway

The Planning Committee meets two or three times a month to examine all new planning applications in the neighbourhood. With a strong local knowledge and perspective, due weight is given to their recommendations.

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Policy & Finance

This Committee is charged with managing Council finance, matters of governance, keeping fees and charges in line with markets and driving the corporate plan. It also controls all personnel matters regarding employees via a subcommittee.

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Responsible for ‘getting our message across’. A busy committee handling the website, this magazine, notice boards, public surgeries etc. This committee constantly seeks new ways of engaging with the community, improving the Council image and heightening awareness of our work.

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Youth Council

Youth Council is here to give the children and young people of Haydon Wick Parish the opportunity to have a voice in their community. Though the Youth Council has run for several years in different formats, the arrival of new Councillors at the May 2015 election has revitalised Youth Provision in the Parish Council. The […]

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Amenities & Leisure

A key committee of the Council handling open spaces play areas, footpaths, allotments and community transport. Meets every month.

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Seven Fields Conservation group is a local community, voluntary group committed to the conservation of the Seven Fields Nature Reserve. Situated in a valley surrounded by the communities of Penhill, Greenmeadow, Haydon Wick, Abbey Meads, Whitworth and Haydon View, Pinehurst, Rodbourne Cheney and Upper Stratton and well used for walking, cycling and the quiet enjoyment of nature.

To find out more please see Our Community - Seven Fields Conservation Group


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